Digital Forensics Incident

The cyber world is full of new things and you need to be aware of most of those rules and elements. In case you are involved in a business or any other thing that requires you to be present online in any form, your awareness is very important here. In this article, weare going to talk about a vital process rather than a very common one in thefield of cyber security, it is called digital forensic incident.

What is it all about?

The process that we are talking about is called digital forensics but it is performed as a response to an event that wemay refer to as a digital forensics incident. In the majority of the cases, thisis done to investigate cybercrimes. Suppose there is some incident that requires further investigation and the issue needs to be raised in court. So,you must present the evidence there and digital forensics plays an importantrole in such times.

Primarily, this is a process of uncoveringelectronic data. And all of it is done as an attempt to preserve the criticaldata in its most authentic form. That data is very helpful for further investigation. The investigation of the digital data includes collecting, identifying, and validating it. This process is also called structured investigation. With the help of these steps, accurate digital information isobtained that in turn helps in the reconstruction of past events.

How is this process used to investigate the matter?

Any investigation process has somefoundation upon which it operates. In the same way, digital forensics starts onthe basis of digital footprints. The digital footprint is the information aboutthe person on his system (it may be a phone, PC, or any other form of a computer).When some crime happens, the police collect some fundamental evidence from thesite that serves as the basis of the investigation.

In the same, digital footprint helps toinitiate the digital forensics process. It includes information like thewebsites visited by the concerned person, the time when that person was active,and the device used by that person before the incident.All the other essential and critical data is collected with the help of digital footprints. The experts involved in this process are quite skilled in the fieldof data encryption/decryption, and other such important tools. After the collectionof critical data, it is made suitable to be presented in the court or otherplace.


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