Merger & Aquisition

We guide you through financial acquisitions with the help of time -tested methods, and industry contacts. Our advisors assist in identifying targets that offer opportunities like market expansion, technological advancement and specialised industry knowledge. We can assist in finding about the developing markets and offer strategies for integrating with various companies.

Here are Some of the Areas Where We Provide Expertise:

1. Perform business valuation

We can provide assistance right from the beginning in the acquisition process and ensure that the books are in order to ease the acquisition process. We ensure all relevant documents are available like incorporation certificates, tax filings, lease and loan agreements.

2. Develop an acquisition strategy

Once the reason for an acquisition and merger has been ruled out, the consultant will develop a strategy in line with the vision of the acquiring company. It will also steer clear conversations towards location, operational capabilities and technological innovations.

3. Acquisition planning

Our advisors help reach out to potential targets with the proposed criteria and provide the best strategic solution to the acquiring company.

At this point, the M&A advisor starts contacting possible targets who fit the suggested parameters and offer the acquiring company the greatest strategic advantage. Following that, offers will be made, and the M&A consultant will use their knowledge to assist your company in identifying the target companies that are reachable. After valuing the company based on the best offers, price talks start. The assistance of a skilled M&A advisor will be a beneficial addition to the task because this process can be demanding, particularly when there are several offers and it needs to be scrutinised. In order to ensure successful deal making, documents are carefully reviewed to confirm terms and conditions. Inadequate validation can lead to a deal falling through.

4.Due Diligence

The due diligence procedure comes next after the letter of intent is turned in. The operations and assets of the target company are thoroughly examined at this point. This procedure exposes any vulnerabilities the business may have and gives a general picture of its actual financial situation. A legally binding sale contract is signed by the buyer and seller if everything is in order.

5. Closing the deal and Merger

When the buyer satisfies the terms of the sale agreement, the target company is legally transferred to them. At this point, the M&A consultant assists the acquiring company in closing the deal successfully so that the two businesses can start collaborating on integration.
By offering the appropriate navigating tools in business partnerships and alliances during the sale or acquisition of a business, mergers and acquisitions consultants assist in navigating the ship back to safety.