Why Choose Scaleup Solution

Team Members:

Dr Elena Pezzini


Dr Elena is our Director- Strategy and Growth. She is very powerful life & Business coach having vast experience of more than thirty years in the field of Business coaching & consultancy. She is PhD in Industrial Organizational / Applied Psychology having extensive training in multiple applied-coaching-methodologies. She is experienced and practiced to direct the organization in the right path to achieve its determined goal with right policies. While we have a great team of technical directorial professionals with proven & successful MEP industry experience, Dr. Elena is there to build the correct synergy upheld to build an organization at its best for the employees as well as the clients and the associates. She keeps up with all the latest research and findings from psychology, organizational psychology, closing sales, project management, team building, public speaking, personal development, goal-setting, accountability, and leadership. She is also specialized in Animal Assisted Therapy or Pet Therapy, Movement Therapy, Art Therapy, Hypnosis, Educational TV & Radio Shows, Stress Elimination